Making of an academic year project

Защита курсовых проектов на техническом отделенииWithin the competition «The best in his profession-2012» besides tasks in a test form on disciplines of a professional cycle, 4 year students carry out still calculation of an academic year project. This task is rather difficult, and its performance is possible only under condition of existence of professional knowledge and abilities on the whole cycle of disciplines. There are results of  this competition:

1st place – Lapushkin Oleg, Belov Igor, Petrovskya Anastasia, Maslennikov Nikolay;

2nd place – Vanzha Evgeny, Gindemit Vladimir;

3rd place – Shalygin Artem;

4th place – Nikiforov Alexander;

5th place – Puldas Vladislav.

We congratulate winners and all participants of competition!