Pancake week

 Экспозиция нашего колледжа на Масленичном гулянии в Омской крепостиOn February 24 there was the second stage of the competition "Team 2012" with the name «Pancake week». The team of student council of our college «In the active» was really active and took part in the second stage. The competition program consisted of two blocks:

The first stage was sports – the patriotic block where some sports events were carried out. One of them was «Fights by bags on a log». Our rival was the team of Omsk Economic institute "Step" and we have won in this competition.

Торжественное прощание с Масленицей Матреной, созданной студентами ОмКПТThe second stage was Pancake week festivities. During this time there was competition of compositions made of pancakes, competition of the best effigy of winter, competition of chastooshkas, and Pancake week round dance. The effigy of our Matrona made by our team has been recognized as the best. It was burned end of Pancake week festivities.