Values of family education

 On 3rd of February, 2012 on the basis of our college there was a meeting among students activists on the theme «Civil marriages: pros and cons». This meeting was held by Omsk Student's center. There were experts invited to this meeting:

-        The Candidate of psychology, the associate professor of social psychology of Omsk state university of F.M.Dostoevskiy»,  Arina Malyonova.

-        The lawyer, the teacher of the department "Civil law", the head of legal clinic of Omsk Legal Institute, Rarpi Vaganovna Tovmasjan;

-        The leading expert of department of realization of programs in housing sphere of department of a housing policy of the City administration of Omsk, Xenia  Turzhanskaya;

-        Priest, Igor Plehanov.

Our students have taken part in discussion of the given theme. Even there were disputes about it. We have learned many pluses and minuses of the civil marriage have revealed for self secrets of the legal human relations, who live in civil marriage, they also have received the information on programs of support of young families etc.

Visitors have noted interest of our students in this point in question discussion: they didn't expect such return from us; it was pleasant to them to communicate on a theme of family relations with youth audience!