City competition of students communities

 Команда студенческого Совета  ОмКПТ, занявшая 1 место 1  этапе городского конкурса  «Команда 2012» среди студенческих активоOn January, 24th in the cultural and leisure center "Zvezdniy" there was  the first stage of city competition «the Team 2012». It was the competition among student's active communities of establishments of the high, secondary and primary education of Omsk. The team of student’s council of the college «In the ACTIVE» consists of: Karteshkina Maria, Boroda Olga, Boroda Julia, Kochanova  Anastasia, Barinova Xenia, Chernov Vyacheslav, Shapran Dmitry, Prihodkina Natalia,Hanov Sergey, Zolotov Roman, Turushev Arthur, Paletsky Artem, Lihachev Sergey, Goncharik Alexandera.

Our team has won first place among SPEI of the city. Juries have noted our command for organization, original trademark and conformity of the maintenance of a videoclip to the established criteria. The team acted under the motto: «We are active at night, we are active in the afternoon,  we are active always, everywhere and in all-around!»