October Cleaning Days

Уборка ул. Дианова Наведение порядка на территории колледжаOctober – is the time of preparation for the winter period. There were three Cleaning days at Omsk College of Professional Technologies from 1 to 15 October. A serious preparation was for it.

On the 1 October almost all college students came to the Cleaning day so called “subbotnik” (1164 of students and 102 of the college staff). In the list of the basic works there were sanitary clearing and gardening of the territory of the college. It was planted 90 bushes and 29 trees. A great volume of work with good quality was carried out. Unfortunately, without a valid reason there were no 89 students. The cleaning of the territory 47 groups took part.

And on October 8 Cleaning day was held in college building because of the bad weather the. There was preparation for the autumn - winter season: students and employees washed the windows and warm it in the office. 102 people took part in the cleaning day.

Уборка опавшей листвыОчень грязный участокOctober 15 students were divided among their territories, they were given equipment for work, and work is in full swing. Students cleaned the territories around college and adjacent streets Dianova Street Kondratyuk Street. Thanks to the efforts of our students, teachers and managers, in all areas it was quickly put everything in order. We would like to mention all the groups involved in the city cleaning day, especially the group 22 (class-teacher Shcherbakova S.V.). This group cleaned trash from their territory and helped to the group 211. We would also like to note group102 (class teacher Gorshkov N.I.). Students of his group mowed the grass on their territory, removed it, planted shrubs and remove trash. In the group 201 (class teacher Artemyeva T.P.) had a territory which was not an easy task: it was on the Dianova Street along the fence and garages, but they coped with the task, grabbed and removed leaves, removed trash.

Administration of College and administrative - economic service thank to students and teachers for their work. And also we’d like to thank the masters–instructors, who have always been actively involved in “subbotniks”. They are Kontsevoy V.N., Bondarchik V.B., Telichko A.N.