We should remember about it!

 Учебная эвакуацияWe live in a world of anthropogenic, social and other threats, often endangering our health and life. Every day, newspapers, radio and television report about regular accidents, natural disasters, terrorist attacks because of which people are killed or suffered. And it's all impossible to predict. In the human life there are always different hazards, which under certain circumstances can cause an accident.

Thus, we can state that with which man faces in the process of education, production activities, life - a combination of circumstances which, under certain developments could lead to disaster. Very often the man himself creates dangerous situations in violation of various safety rules and standards of conduct. Inability of Rights to ensure its security in the real natural technological and social conditions become intolerable revealed a need for training of staff and students for safe behavior in daily life, to rational action in hazardous and emergency situations.

In this regard, on the base of Resolution Committee for the Prevention and Emergency Response and Fire Safety and the execution of an order of the college № 808 of 09.07.2007, the "About the fire safety, clause 7”, pursuant to the Federal Law “About Civil Defense” from 12 of February 1998 at the college it is constantly conducting training evacuation from the building. And so the training evacuation, which was held in May, showed that both staff and students have shown excellent results for the timely response and promptly evacuation from the building. Teachers, who were leading lessons at this moment have responded quickly and helped the students to leave their place of training, arriving at the venue already had information about whether or not all were able to leave the building or not. Such exercises help the students and college staff work skills in a timely manner to respond to various emergencies: fire, the threat of a terrorist act, etc. Regular practice helps to look at what is happening around quite different eyes, and makes you think each of their willingness to various kinds of emergencies. Testing of practical skills in emergency situations can reduce the percentage of dead and wounded in the realities.

In every human life there is something that most clearly characterizes each as an individual. This usually happens in emergency situations. Sometimes it happens that emergencies are inevitable, but still a few moments to reduce the severity of their consequences. Unfortunately, many people get lost and take no action to mitigate the effects. But in many cases it is possible and practical trainings are the real proof for that.