We are friends with “Lad” | Омский колледж профессиональных технологий

We are friends with “Lad”

Совместное исполнение песни ВАЛЕНКИ ансамблем ОмКПТ ПЕРЕЗВОН и солисткой оркестра ЛАДIn May 2011 will be 10 years from the moment when municipal orchestra “LAD” came at the stage of our auditorium for the first time. This glorious team led by Honored Artist of Russia, Bezborodov S.E. for 20 years. For 10 years artists of "Lad" we listened to Teacher's Day, March 8, Birthday College...

It became a tradition to visit the performance of the orchestra on the eve of Victory Day. Always it was the joint holiday: our students prepare poems about the war, and musicians and singers of “Lad” sing war songs. The college museum director Lina Anatolievna  Dergach has joined to this tandem. She prepares presentations for holiday concert for five years. In this year, the collection of pictures and photos of the war years were supplemented by a military chronicle, that recently were  found in archives in Germany, Poland, Russia, and previously they were under stamped "Secret ".Music, songs, poems, news, united in place, gave a great response. Tears glistened in the eyes of the students, their teachers and guests, veterans. Thank you for the concert, thanks for the holiday.