I’m looking for a hero


 Ветераны и участники церемонии награждения акции ИЩУ ГЕРОЯ на сцене ОмКПТPeriod from the end of April – the beginning of May in our college is traditionally devoted to the great holyday of spring - the Victory Day.  Many significant events in the history of our college devoted to this date: the open the alleys of veterans (2004), the opening of a memorial plaque (2005) and the Museum Omsk College of Professional Technologies (2009). 2011 wasn’t exception. Our College  museum was given the honor to hold final district local history of the competition - action "I’m looking for a hero."

April 26 to 10 hours in the auditorium of the college finalists from almost all schools of the Kirov district gathered together – they were more than 200 participants. The action took place in seven categories. Our college introduced four creative works. We were very worried about it.  Do we win prizes? But s the participants will know about it later.

The registration of participants, meeting friends, veterans and colleagues was at beginning of event. There were conversations, hugs, tears ... Many of the guests have not seen each other for a long time and met at our college at the finals of the competition. Members of the public organization "Orphans of War", heads of museums and Kirovsky Administrative district were invited to this event. The main guests, of course, were veterans of the Great Patriotic War. Among the guests were our old friends, members of many local and regional events - Kaspryshena Albina Semyonovna.  Writer Alex Osichev wrote in his work about her son, Sergei Chiskin. Long-standing friendship ties us with Elizabeth Stepanovna Neizvestnay, who is  chairman LLC "Orphans of War." She came to us with their friends.

 Before the opening of the event G.A. Pavlov, chairman of the Omsk city council of war, labor and the armed forces, V.N. Arkhipov, Chairman of the district organization of war veterans and law enforcement authorities of Kirovsky Administrative district in Omsk performed with speech. The performance of folk songs "Perezvon" was a nice gift for the guests .They sang one of the best songs of the repertoire of "Land of the Siberian." Guests of our college organized a standing ovation to our " Perezvon ".

The main organizers of the action Rybin R.A., an expert on youth affairs, social policy, culture and sports in Kirovsky Administrative district k and Zheludkova L.M., Chairman of the Board of Veterans' patriotic education performed with speech. Awarding procedure began. Finalists are invited to the stage, handed diplomas, certificates, gifts ... And here familiar names sound, and then again and again. For the delegation of Omsk College of Professional Technologies it was a pleasant surprise that most all of our works are the best. Here are the names of our winners:Грамота вручается победителю в номинации “Память бессмертному” Дмитрию Шапрану

Dmitry Shapran (353 gr.) - Nomination for "Immortal memory"

Sergei Grushakevich (462 gr.) - "Heroes of small wars"

Alex Osichev (462 gr.) - "The Chronicles of winners"

Julia Lihtenvald (181 gr.) - "Children of War"

The directors of these works Dergach L.A. , Kireeva I.I .and Treschilova S.N. were made special mention.

 At the end of the holiday student 181 gr. Julia Lihtenvald was  invited to  the scene, who read her entry work - the poem "We Remember." It did not leave indifferent in the hall.

Organizers of the event expressed their gratitude for the hospitality administration of the college, leading the ceremony Kireeva I.I. and cultural - leisure center for musical setting of the holiday.