Evgenia CityCelebrity Brevnova


Гость клуба ПЕРСОНА Евгения Бревнова (в центре)On April 19, the young perspective guest visits our club "Persona". Our guest is a regional supervisor of city portals citycelebrity.ru in West-Siberian region, marketing director of creative agency “Granat-mix” and Head loft project "Platform". Her name is Evgenia Brevnova. In the easy communication with her ​​our students have learned a lot of interesting and useful. Jane is purposeful and practical. During meeting she reveals the secret of successful self-promotion, easily broke the established among many young people's stereotypes: about social networks, on the only correct behavior when applying for a job, the frequent job changes. 



For many students it was a surprise to hear that, for instance, Moscow, in fact, does not open many perspectives for visiting specialists, as is commonly believed. To build a career there is not easy, and "the conquest of the capital" fraught with so many complexities that are difficult to imagine. We hope that last rose-colored glasses of our students were broken during meeting with Jane.

Eugenia told about a completely new direction in advertising and commerce - ENVIRONMENTAL marketing, unnoticed for listeners flipping their views on many advertising options, about innovative approaches to different promotional products, about the organization of exhibitions of traditional and modern art. Active students have been interested in social and cultural projects carried out with the support of the portal Citycelebrity.ru. Many of them were interested in the ability to participate in them. Our extraordinary guest gladly answered all the tricky questions. She said about the most difficult things with simple and clear words. It must be noted that many of our students have a desire to learn from young people, peers. They can adequately perceive the constructive criticism and different perspective on familiar things. Special thanks to the student of Service Department Anastasia Kochanova. She was front lady of the event. Many thanks to L.A. Vazhenina for kindly providing of the equipment and to L.N. Omshina, G.I. Lavrenova and A.A. Martin - for what they came to our meeting.