Center of assistance of graduates employment

Head of the center


Methodologist of the center





Merkushina Maria

City of Omsk. Dianova Street, house 31, office 226

(3812) 955853


In 2012 in the college the center of assistance of graduates employment has been created. Its purpose is the assistance to employment of graduates and temporary labor employment of the students of the college, increase their competitiveness in a labor market and the organization of additional educational services to the population


The main objectives:

 The creation of the information base of the college concerning the assistance of the studentsemployment of  and employment of the graduates.

 • Holding the organizational events promoting the successful employment of the students and graduates of the  college.

 • Implementation of consultation for the questions of temporary labor employment of students and employment of graduates of the college

 • Cooperation with the enterprises and the organizations, acting as employers for the students and the graduates.

 • Interaction with the executive authorities, including with bodies for work and employment of the population, public organizations and associations of employers.

 • Implementation of the additional professional educational programs for professional training of listeners by working professions.

 • Professional retraining and professional development of specialists of the enterprises, the institutions released workers, the unoccupied population and jobless citizens, preparation them to performance of new labor functions.

 • Rendering additional educational services for the population.

 • Realization of continuous education.

 • This center cooperates with the Center of vocational guidance and psychological support of the population.

 • The coordinating and analytical center of assistance to employment of graduates



 Центр профессиональной ориентации и психологической поддержки населения.



Коордиционно-аналитический центр содействия  трудоустройству выпускников



Центр занятости

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