Student union

Карпенко О.Г.

The head of the student union

Karpenko Olesya Gennadyevna,

The 2 nd year student of pedagogical department of


The specialty "Physical culture"


Our contacts: Omsk, Dianova St., h.33,  in the building 1- office No. 24, in the building  4 - office No. 435

On all questions interesting you can daily address from Monday till Friday from 10:00 till 16:30.

We wait for all of you  in Student union!


 General information:

The student union  is the body which represents  the interests and the rights of the students of the college.

The student union sets the purposes:

·        the organization of students life mainly in the college in all directions of interests of the students

·        the creation of conditions for disclosure of internal potential of each of students and the attraction them to the  active participation in the college life.

The structure of Student union gets out at a report-back election Conference which is held annually.

Doors of  the Student union are open for all students wishing to find application for the creative and organizing abilities. Student union of OKPT is collective which is united by not only public work, but also common interests.

 We UNDERSTAND that today it is necessary for the student because we  ourselves are students.

Today the society needs the graduates ready to an inclusion in further activity who is  capable to solve the vital and professional problems rising before them. It depends from the competence of graduates which is shown in ability and their readiness for the activity based on knowledge and experience which are acquired in the course of training and socialization. It is possible to achieve  through interaction of the personality and a profession: through the content of educational professional activity and extracurricular activities . And first of all, through participation in work of student's government.


 Process of formation of system of student's government has begun in our college in 1999. The student union is the center of student's initiatives. It carries out the organizing, administrative and coordinating activity,  organizes charity events, versatile actions, also many other things. It is also the initiator of the meetings of administration with students.

 Today student'sgovernment unites the most active part of the students of the college. At the same time the students acquire a complex of the rights, duties and opportunities allowing them to participate in management of college.

 The results of activity of Student union is the improvement of the comfort stay of students in the college, an optimization of the teaching and educational process, an improvement of the territory of the  college. Students  form key competences, feeling of  the participation and corporate culture.

 The supreme body of student's government is the reporting student's conference where activity of the centers and members of student union is analyzed, with prospects on the future the newly elected chairman acts.


 The structure of student council includes 8 centers and public associations - clubs of  interests.