Новости Омского колледжа профессиональных технологий


Альманах "Паровоз"

On October 5 there was the presentation of the poetic almanac "Parovoz" in Omsk state regional scientific library of a name of A.S. Pushkin. We were kindly invited within cooperation to this event.  The presentation was visited by students of 281 and 381 groups of the specialty "Advertising".  "Parovoz (train)" was unusual, its cars were filled with remarkable verses of poets of Russia (the main structure), the neighboring countries (the international car), in the mail van poetic translations, in the luggage – rare books and book novelties comfortably settled down, – organizers of presentation told.

 In the car No. 7 (Perm-Yekaterinburg-Omsk) verses of known Omsk poets "travel":  V. Schellenberg, O. Grigoryeva, D. Rumyantsev, S. Denisenko, M.Kuzina, E.Feldman.  Authors of poetic creations presented them to guests of a meeting.  Students tremblingly listened attentively to each word, after all not every day you hear the poem performed by the author.  The remarkable Omsk author - the journalist, the poet, the theatrical critic - Sergey Denisenko was most fallen in love to the audience.  All of us, without an exception, with delight listened to it "The fairy tale at bedtime":



Областная Спартакиада студентов по шахматам 2013г., октябрьOn October 22 there the Regional Sports contest on chess among students took place on the basis of Aviation College. In interesting and intense fight the places were distributed as follows:




1st  place - Aviation college

 2nd place- Omsk College of professional technologies

 3rd place – Industrial economic college. 


Подари жизнь- стань донором

"Present life - become the donor". This is the name of action "Announcement" which passed on October 14 for students of college. One of the main tasks of action was drawing attention to importance of voluntary and gratuitous donorship of blood. It is very important to inform to students about how important mission carry out the donors of blood thanks to whom save human lives. We should designate that the problem of shortage of blood exists even in the most developed countries because the modern science yet didn't learn to synthesize blood, and its only source there are donors who fill up blood banks.


From 23.09.2013 till 17.10 2013 4 year students of  pedagogical department, trained on the specialties 050720 "Physical education" professional practice  took place student on theme "Out-of-class work" on the basis of comprehensive schools of Omsk: "Lyceum No. 74", "School No. 36 ", "Gymnasium No. 146", "Litsey№149", " School No. 10 ", teenage and youth club "Mechtatel" of Kirovskiy administrative district of Omsk.


Актив музея на экскурсии по Омской крепости

On October 11 members of council of college museum visited excursion around the Second Omsk fortress. Students saw serf gate, the oldest buildings of Omsk - the Guardroom, the Commandant's house, the Engineering lock, a fortress staff, the monetary storeroom, etc.


We visited the heart of our city, passed to those streets on which once went F.M.Dostoyevsky, I.I.Shpringer, M.A.Vrubel, L.N.Martynov, V.Ya.Shibalin.


On September 2 first-year students got acquainted with activity and history cultural – the leisure center. Acquaintance happened in an unusual form. This academic year of cultural – the leisure center the  present itself changed and wasn't mistaken! The concert program included numbers almost from all studios cultural – the leisure center, and first-year students didn't stint a warm applause.

On behalf of participants and heads of studios cultural – the leisure center we congratulate all students on the beginning of new academic year! And by tradition, we invite all wishing to us to occupations. The world of creativity waits for you!


Совещание руководителей учреждений начального и среднего профессионального образования

September, 2013 on the basis of college passed meeting of heads of establishments of primary and secondary professional education "About creation of conditions for implementation of the Federal law "About education in the Russian Federation" concerning personnel policy, purchases and formation of the contingent being trained in the professional educational organizations" it to base BOU OO SPO "OMKPT".Открыл meeting the deputy minister of formation of the Omsk region Vladimir Vladimirovich Titenko. 


Встреча со специалистом КУ Омской области «Центр занятости населения Кировского административного округа города Омска»

From 05.09. for 12.09.13 on the basis of college the cycle of meetings of students of older years of Secondary Professional Education of pedagogical office, Primary professional education and the Center of assistance to employment of graduates with the specialist of State institution of the Omsk region "The center of employment of the population of Kirovsky administrative district of the city of Omsk" for the purpose of formation at students of ideas of effective ways and strategy of employment, definition of the direction of creation of professional career was carried out.


Сборная команда Омской области на Универсиаде в Казани

From July 6 to July 17, 2013 in Kazan there passed the XXVII World summer University games. The history XXVII of the World summer University games of 2013 began long before starts. On May 31, 2008 in Brussels it was declared a victory of Kazan in the right of carrying out summer University games 2013. Kazan received 20 votes of members of executive committee of the International federation of student's sports (FISU), from 27 possible. The XXVII World summer University games of 2013 in Kazan became the first University games, moreover to the first multi - a sporting event in the history of modern Russia.


Акция "Я выбираю спорт!"

On September 7, 2013 our college participated in the All-Russian action "I choose sports! " This action was held for the purpose of involvement of children and teenagers to systematic occupations by physical culture and sport in the territory of the Russian Federation. The action was held centrally in all territory of the Russian Federation, and one of the main objectives of an action was – organization of events on transfer of children and teenagers in establishments of sports preparation.

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