Новости Омского колледжа профессиональных технологий


Сборная колледжа по мини-футболу - 2014From the 21st to 31st of October the Regional Students’ Sport Competition in mini-football among boys took place at the stadium “Dynamo”. 13 teams participated in that competition, more than 140 players fought for the honor of their colleges and vocational schools. The teams were divided into 2 groups.In the first group 7 teams struggled for the finals, and 6 teams struggled in the second group.


СТЭМ "Вот те на!"

October17, 2014 - Welcome traditional event was held in our college and freshmen became students. The motto of the event was ‘To start! Attention! Go!’


эмблема 100 лет

There are events that dramatically change the history of civilization, its destiny. To understand where the road turned the humanity we need the distance of a hundred years. These events come down to us through historical works, memoirs of contemporaries.


 Городской конкурс проектов September5, 2014 – The team of our college student self-government “Positive” took part in the 4th city competition “The team-2014” between the colleges of our city. Our team presented the project “Sport, Health, Success”.

The chairman Lekomtseva Angelina told about the work of the college volunteer detachment and activities carried out in this project. During last two years, our volunteers provide assistance to athletes Paralympians during their trainings and sports events.

Soon in October, will be the next stage of the competition “Student-2014”.

We wish further success to our team “Positive”!


Раскрась город Омск

Omsk City Day celebrations became a popular tradition. Thousands of citizens visit different constructive platforms. All organizations of the city and creative persons try to take part in holiday. The teachers and students of the Service department organized and realized the project “Paint Omsk with different colours!”


И.О. директора Ларионов Лев

October 3, 2014 - the traditional day of self-government was held at our college. All interested students were able to understand the difficult, important and responsible work of the teachers and administrative staff of the college.



October 8, 2014 - The competition on the cross-country race took place in the beautiful park "Green Island". The students of 20 secondary specialized educational institutions were attended in track and field race.


Участники целевой программы "Доступная среда"On October 30, 2013 within implementation of the target program "Available Environment" on the basis of the Center of distance teaching for disabilities children of the Omsk region "Regional information and analysis center" the mass information stock "Fair of Educational Places" for disabilities children took place. 80 pupils of graduation classes of special (correctional) comprehensive schools took part in action and boarding schools, disabilities teenagers getting the main education with use of remote technologies, and also their parents and lawful representatives. Representatives of 6 educational institutions of secondary professional education took part in action. Our college took active part in carrying out professional orientation work, having presented the presentation telling about our educational institution. Children could receive reliable information about receipt conditions and also ask all questions. 


Встреча в ЦСТВ с представителем ООО "ОмскСкан"

In October, 2013. The center of assistance to employment of graduates of college organized a meeting of students of a final year of the specialty "Maintenance and  Transport Repair" with representatives of JSC "Omskskan". During a meeting students got acquainted with structure and specifics of work of the enterprise, learned about its material base. At a meeting students set a set of questions and received irrefragable answers of the expert representing the enterprise. The meeting took place in a benevolent situation. At the moment students of our college pass work practice at the “Omskskan” enterprise.


Бенефис Валентины Шершнёвой

On October 21 our students activists of Persona club visited a meeting with the national actress of Russia, the remarkable actress and the soloist of Omsk Musical theater – Valentina Shershnyova who  is long ago a symbol of theatrical Omsk Valentina Shershnyova told about the childhood, parents, teachers, about how she came to the profession. Omsk poetess Elena  Mironova-Zlotina, predicting Shershnyova proud destiny, in the verses  wrote that she is fated to incorporate "hundred thousand female lives".