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The awards ceremony of the sports season 2016

December is the main month of the year, when we summarize the year. We remember that made good, what worked, and what bright events we managed to survive for the past 11 months. And for several years in a row, according to the established tradition, the first year we are taking along with the characters of Paralympic sport, with the athletes and coaches of the Regional specialised sports centre of Paralympic and Deaflympic training, which is already not the first year cooperates closely our school. Every year, thanks to the common goals of our institutions is a lot of bright sports projects. For example, one such this year was the opening of the shooting range at the College.

Among the honored guests at the festival 2 December 2016 was attended by Minister of youth Affairs, physical culture and sport of the Omsk region Dmitry H., Krikorian, Minister of education of the Omsk region Sergey Kanunnikov, Director of the budget institution "Regional specialised sports centre of Paralympic and Deaf sports training" Sergey Eschenko.


Teachers and students of the College participated at the scientific-practical conference "Modern Economics: current issues, prospects", held in Omsk on the basis of budgetary vocational educational institution "the Omsk aviation College named after N. E. Zhukovsky" December 1, 2016. 

The organizers of the conference: Budget professional educational institution "Omsk aviation College named after N. E. Zhukovsky" 

The conference was attended by specialists in Economics, management, Finance, law, accounting, audit and taxation heads of professional educational institutions, scientists, teachers, graduate students, undergraduates and students. 


December 2, 2016 on the basis of the Omsk College of professional technologies have passed competitions on kettlebell sport within the Games among institutions ultrasonic ACT Omsk region.

In competitions hast taken part 107 athletes (21 women) from 19 schools competed on the program biathlon (jerk + snatch). The competition was held to 7 weight categories for men and 3 weight categories for women.

In the course of a bitter struggle were distributed as follows:

День матери

The word " mother" - one of the oldest on earth. It sounds almost the same in different languages. In our country, after all, Mom every year on the last Sunday of November, are organized various festivals, concerts, spoken kind words and are given nice gifts.
Our college is no exception. November 25 in the auditorium of the Omsk College of Professional Technologies held a long-awaited theatrical concert " mother - the key word in each destiny."
And even the beginning of the holiday was nice and anxious. The activists of the Student Council of the college at the entrance were awarded to all mothers specially designed "thanks", in the form of a gentle flower forget-me. Mothers received "thank you" for each "daughter" and "son", and this time, of course, set up all the guests on the good atmosphere on a special holiday, filled with gratitude, and only the warmest feelings toward motherhood. The festival finale all mothers raised "Thanks" over the heads of the hall and minutely turned into a bright flower meadow.


November 30 at the College, on the initiative of the Ministry of Education of Omsk Region, held a briefing with the professional skills of the competitors II National Championship for people with disabilities "Abilimpiks" 2016.
The championship was held in Moscow from 18 to 19 November 2016 ENEA.
Before the assembled journalists were participants of the Championship. Media staff met with a delegation of our college representing the Omsk region and successfully performed at the National Championship. Our team brought two first places and one third.

Избирательная комиссия

On November 29, the college held a regular XI student report-election conference, at which the following issues were discussed:
1. Report of the student associations of the results of operations for the 2015-2016 academic year.
2. Selection of Chairman of the Joint Council on studying the 2016-2017 academic year.
Throughout the school day passed a vote for the position of Chairman of the Joint Council of students of the proposed candidates: Olesya Karpenko - 201-9 group Orlovskayal Veronica - 231-9 group.
Student Council has done a lot of work to prepare for the event, candidates previously presented for student groups - the pre-election program of activities of student government. Elections were held in the form of a business game that allows you to increase the legal culture and instills active citizenship and patriotism. Students with great interest to participate in the management of the college social life, by exercising its decision in the choice of President of the Council of students.


Volunteering in our country is gaining popularity with each passing year, and our College is no exception. Only last year we were assisted in holding 69 different events. And this is certainly good news in light of the education of moral qualities of the younger generation. Because in addition to real involvement in real projects, children acquire knowledge and professional experience.
The membership covered the audience is more than 4 thousand people.
So, in September, three volunteers participated in the project HIV prevention in the city of Omsk "Make life safe!", received the certificate which grants the right to carry out suitable preventive measures in various educational organizations and institutions; as well for active participation awarded commendations also were given practical assistance in the organization and refereeing of competitions in athletics at various levels.

Director of the College Sergey Viktorovich Ugryumov was awarded a souvenir Cup.

14 Dec 2016 BOU DPO "Institute of development of education of the Omsk region" was held the VIII Forum of RIP-Inko "the Role of RIP-Inko in the innovative development of the regional system of education." The Forum summed up the results of work of Inco for the year was held the ceremony of awarding the best participants of the regional innovation platforms innovation systems in education.


According to the rating of RIP-Inko "Update of professional activities of educational organizations in modern conditions" of 2016 our College is recognized as the best internship platform this Inko. Director of the College Sergey Viktorovich Ugryumov was awarded a souvenir Cup.

Шихова Виктория, группа 481

With 10.11 - 16.12 2016 group 481-9 did an internship at a professional module PM. 01 Development and creation of advertising design.

Practice was dispersed and held once a week at the enterprises of the advertising business. Within the practice the students solved the following tasks: familiarity with advertising companies and creative side of advertising, a study of the organization of project activities, the study of the stages of designing a promotional product, the study of the process of creating sketches and layouts of advertising product, etc. On the results of the practice the students prepared the materials required for the course project on PM. 01 Development and creation of advertising design. The students were able to demonstrate their skills in the development of the author's project of advertising organizations that provide services to the population.


The student Council of our College participated in the charity event dedicated to the world Day of charity "Generous Tuesday".  For children BPEI city of Omsk "The child development center – Kindergarten №21" was purchased stationery (flipcharts, colored velvet paper, corrugated paper) for the manufacture of Kindergarten various Handicrafts.

On 29 November, the staff of the kindergarten received a warm welcome from the volunteers of the College.

Our College is working with the institution not the first year working on forming a support system for people with disabilities.