«Leader of RCST 2017»

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«Leader of RCST 2017»

Modern society needs competent and active specialists, capable to solve production problems, ready to assume responsibility for their implementation, able to clearly define the purpose of their activities, forecast options to achieve, overcome difficulties, and also know how to properly build relationships with others, work as a team, that is, to exercise leadership.


Becoming a leader, we offer much more possibilities and perspectives, so the issues shaping the leadership qualities in modern conditions are important and require attention. In our College in this direction an active work within the project "School of an asset as a means of creating leadership capacity of college students. In addition, for several years in our College competition "leader of OKPT", whose purpose is to identify and support college students who showed themselves as student leaders Wednesday due to building effective work in College, active participation in activities and projects of various kinds at different levels.

This year, participation in the contest was attended by representatives of the United Council of students:

1. Karpenko Olesya - Chairman of learners (learning course 2);

2. Ekaterina Fedorova - Chairman tv «Oko-live tv» (learning rate 3);

3. Orlovskaya Veronica - Secretary of the Joint Council of students (learning course 2).

All contestants showed themselves actively in competitive tests. The winner of the contest, with the title "leader of RCST-2017" was learning course 2 Ekaterina Fedorova, participant and winner of various city, regional and national events.


The winner and the participants of the contest are awarded commemorative diplomas and certificates. Ekaterina Fedorova, following competition college inside becomes a participant of the regional contest "student leader". We wish her success and triumphs!