Industrial practice of the group 331

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Студентка 331 группы, Азроян Нателла кафе «Сосновка»

From 1 Dec to 24 Dec 2016 group 331 did an internship at a professional module PM.01 catering services in catering. Students participated in the production shops of the enterprise, with the auxiliary (subsidiary) premises, raw materials used for cooking in the catering organizations, participated in the catering service.

Students Intern in the establishments such as: Mix -cafe "Sneden" restaurant "Gelios" Cafe "Old work", Conceptbar "Mojito" bar and Grill "Wood", as students practice outside the city of Omsk: cafe Sosnovka, I. P. Skoryk "Cafe".

Students ' practice is successful, since December 26, they will begin to master the PM. 02 the Organization of service in catering and in the new 2017 January 9, PM. 05 the Execution of works in the trades 16399 Waiter, 11176 Barman.

331 student group, Otto Laura "LLC, "SANKOS" Concept bar "Mojito"

Master Serova E. D.



Студентка 331 группы, Отто Лаура,      «ООО «САНКОС» Concept bar «Мохито»