Meeting College students with the administration of the BPEI of RCST

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Студент задает вопрос администрации БПОУ ОКПТ

November 16 was held the traditional meeting of the administration of the College with representatives of the student Council, academic groups. The purpose of such meetings is to optimize the educational process, the solution of student problems and the protection of their interests, implementing student initiatives and creating for them the most comfortable conditions. This event was attended by students from each training group.

Dialogue between students and administration of the College helped to find a solution for many questions concerning the educational process, practical training, living conditions in the hostel and many more. Before organizing a meeting with representatives of student government was interviewed 90% of College students who expressed their suggestions, comments and asked questions all business units of the College.

Администрация колледжа на встрече со студентами 2016 год

During a meeting in the hall worked "open MIC" and all students could ask questions and get answers to their problems.


The event shows that a student team does not remain indifferent and actively participate in improving our College.



The results of this activity will be presented for assets of the student groups at the next meeting with the administration in 2017.


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