Новости Омского колледжа профессиональных технологий

Выполнение упражнения "Карта эмоций"

Emotions usually after some time pass.


But what they did remains.

Emotions greatly affect the health and life of man. Almost every adult, teen, child, from time to time experiences irritation, sadness, suffer from feelings of loneliness, guilt, resentment, anxiety or fear. When these feelings engulf all of human consciousness and begin to suppress all other emotions, his life is significantly complicated. Therefore, every person important to be able to manage your own emotions, behavior and feelings.

Студентка 331 группы, Азроян Нателла кафе «Сосновка»

From 1 Dec to 24 Dec 2016 group 331 did an internship at a professional module PM.01 catering services in catering. Students participated in the production shops of the enterprise, with the auxiliary (subsidiary) premises, raw materials used for cooking in the catering organizations, participated in the catering service.

Students Intern in the establishments such as: Mix -cafe "Sneden" restaurant "Gelios" Cafe "Old work", Conceptbar "Mojito" bar and Grill "Wood", as students practice outside the city of Omsk: cafe Sosnovka, I. P. Skoryk "Cafe".

Students ' practice is successful, since December 26, they will begin to master the PM. 02 the Organization of service in catering and in the new 2017 January 9, PM. 05 the Execution of works in the trades 16399 Waiter, 11176 Barman.

331 student group, Otto Laura "LLC, "SANKOS" Concept bar "Mojito"

Master Serova E. D.



Заседание методического объединения педагогов-психологов и социальных педагогов

14 December 2016 on the basis of the College held a meeting methodical Association of educational psychologists and social pedagogues of professional educational institutions of Omsk on "Inclusion. The experience" Psychological readiness of teachers to work in conditions of inclusive education".

The relevance of the meeting due to the fact that inclusive education is currently an innovation process in professional education, allowing to carry out training, education and development of all children regardless of their individual characteristics, educational achievements, physical abilities. In the framework of inclusive education is the ideology that excludes any discrimination against children and ensure equal respect to all people, creates a special environment for children with special educational needs. The focus is on development of inclusive education becomes one of the main in Russian educational practice. 


At the Novosibirsk College Road 2 and 3 March passed XII Regional Olympiad on speciality 23.02.03 maintenance and repair of road transport among students of institutions of secondary professional education took part in 6 teams from colleges of Novosibirsk and Novosibirsk region, Omsk and Irkutsk.

For two days, 18 students competed in performing professionally oriented jobs worked in the laboratories of car maintenance, car repair, car maintenance materials, electrical equipment, as well as solve theoretical tests. Omsk College of professional technology was the only institution that provided the city of Omsk in the Olympics.

Students 4 course Teeth Anton Gr. 453, Il'jagr Semenyuk. 452, zinc Victor g. 452 on the first day of the Olympics to fulfil practical task. It included:

-engine Diagnostics Diagnostic Motodok 3 stand;

-Diagnostics of engine mechanisms largest compression;

-check the backlash and kingpin roll podshponkov;


-defect distribution and the crankshaft.



College team with a busy 2 spot

at the Festival by the AFC.

With 21-22.02.2017 year SibGUFK Festival was held based on adoptive physical culture. Participated in competitions 8 teams, 3 teams, SibGUFKa team from St. Petersburg NSU them. P.F. Lesgaft and2 College/

Of the three types of competitions our team managed to win prizes:

Running with leader-1 place,

Hockey tests-2 place,

Sitting volleyball-3 place.

In the overall standings: NSU them. P.F. Lesgaft-1 place

BPOU GS RCST-2 place,


Department of Adaptive physical education course 3-3 place.


The second year students of Omsk College of professional technologies involved in the forum for the prevention of extremism among young people "All his." This year it was held on February 21 at the base CHOW IN "the Omsk law Academy."

The forum was attended by five College students: Makhiboroda Julia Lavrova Anastasia, Goremykin Valery Bogdanov and Denis Serikov Alexander. The students worked in various subgroups in the six interactive stages: "the Omsk region – the multinational region", "Ethics in the modern world: what cannot be bought with money?" "Internet security", "Pages of history of Omsk region", "building the peace", "Step into the World."

«Leader of RCST 2017»

Modern society needs competent and active specialists, capable to solve production problems, ready to assume responsibility for their implementation, able to clearly define the purpose of their activities, forecast options to achieve, overcome difficulties, and also know how to properly build relationships with others, work as a team, that is, to exercise leadership.


Becoming a leader, we offer much more possibilities and perspectives, so the issues shaping the leadership qualities in modern conditions are important and require attention. In our College in this direction an active work within the project "School of an asset as a means of creating leadership capacity of college students. In addition, for several years in our College competition "leader of OKPT", whose purpose is to identify and support college students who showed themselves as student leaders Wednesday due to building effective work in College, active participation in activities and projects of various kinds at different levels.


February 17, 2017 within the patriotic month for defense-mass and sports work in the assembly hall of the College of Professional Technologies was the Lesson of Courage "The Warrior of Spirit and Faith", dedicated to the memory of Yevgeny Rodionov.

This format has become a popular and traditional for the conduct of patriotic events in the college. Annually in college there are lessons of courage in the framework of celebrating the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland and Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War.


The event was attended by both young students of 1 to 3 full-time courses, and fourth-year students who served in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia.


An important component of prevention of suicidal tendencies among students in the educational psychological well-being is Wednesday and literacy teachers. «… Teachers must be trained to techniques of empathic listening, conducting confidential conversations, to establish psychological contact reference group discussions. Teachers learning technology possess a useful social skills, behavior correction. Teachers should develop the skills to prevent burnout, systematically analyze complex cases of professional practice through knowledge of colleagues or, if necessary, seek the help of a psychologist. This is particularly important for preserving and strengthening the mental health if the teacher accompanies development suicidenta, trainee with delinquent behavior. " (Vasilyev O.S., 2000; Rozanov V.A., Mohovikov A.N., 2007). For teachers college is not a secret that adolescence is becoming sustainable self-awareness, focus on the future (life perspectives and plans), production values, informed generalized final attitude to life. These recommendations, our educational institution adheres to. Annually within the framework of meetings of the Board of the Council of student leaders dealt with matters of prevention of suicidal tendencies in youth students Wednesday, invited experts who provide advice on early identification of students prone to suicide and stages of individual work with students and parents. With 2016 ouch. year college teachers improve their professional competence under the program "mediation in education.

Bach Constantine

January 2017 for our graduate, master of sports of Russia, and now a teacher of our College, Bach Constantine became a success, thanks to winning 2 medals at the Open Cup of Russia on fencing on carriages, which is traditionally held in Ufa, which was attended by more than fifty athletes from 10 regions of the country. 

Thanks to the tenacity of an athlete and daily training, Constantine took the 2nd place in personal competitions on a rapier, and 3rd place in epee.