Service Department

 Service Department:

  •  Management in catering business (Specialty 100114)
  • Advertising and PR (Specialty 031601) 

Коктейль Мороженое приготовлен Лукьяновой ЕленойMANAGEMENT IN CATERING BUSINESS (SPECIALTY 100114)
The main lines of activity:

  • Planning and organization of work in catering
  • Forming of the list of catering service
  • Organization of labour management

Qualification: Manager  

Time of study

Full-time tuition

  •  on the basis of 9 school years – 3 years 10 months

Postal tuition

  •  on the basis of 11 school years - 3 years 10 months

Отделение общественного питания, приготовление фондюReview of our students about the specialty:
Novikova Olga, group 331
After finishing 9 school year at school, I started to think about my future profession, my friends advised me to enter in the Omsk College Professional Technologies on the specialty “Management in catering business”. But, actually, I’ve no idea about it. But I decided to try it. I passed entering exams – and on the 1st of September at the meeting. Since Monday the lessons started where I’ve learned more and more about my future profession. On the lessons of cookery we were learned how to cook correctly the dishes which we’ve already done many times at home. We’ve learned what are “brisket”, “mélange” and many other different things. On the lesson of “Organization of catering” we were learned how to cater for client that he or she would like to come once more. This knowledge helps me in my day-to-day life. And this knowledge was helping during my first training. During the training we’ve learned many things: I understood that my future profession is very difficult, but very interesting.  
After finishing college I’d like to continue my study and I’m sure that the knowledge that I’ve got at the college will help me. I’m so glad that I study there, in Omsk College of Professional Technologies!

Сервировка  МОРСКАЯ ЛАГУНА  выполняется Татьяной КузнецовойFuture prospects 
College graduates of the specialty “Management in catering” is ready to the professional activity in organization of real and predictable wants of the population in catering as manager of catering business
Our college graduates will become proficient in:
- planning and organization of work in catering service; making of service list in catering with an account of real and predictable demand;
- analyze and solution of logistics, economical, management, staffing and social psychological tasks;
- labour organization of staff;
- observance of the current legislation; account, analyze and assessment of economical results of the enterprise’s service activity;
- using of computer technologies in professional activity;
- analyze of demand on production and service, projection and motivation of sales;  
- participate in marketing researching and development of advertising campaign; making of the demand and sale promotion of the production and service;
- Analyze of the enterprise’s environment on the base of marketing’s researching results
- Analyze of orders on the service, identification of the optimum set of conditions and methods of service;  
- Leading of service to the consumer; supply of necessary range and quality of service with the account of principles of the aesthetics and design of the service organization  
- Making of a control of the product inspection and service; keeping specified requirements of normal, technical, technological documentation, labour discipline, rules of the sanitation measures and labour protection.  
- Supply of the efficient selection and running of the technological equipment
- Analyze of the product policy of an enterprise, using methods of market research, forming of the demand and sale promotion.  

Творческий процесс по изготовлению рекламного продуктаADVERTISING AND PR (SPECIALTY 031601)
The main lines of activity:

  •  Designing of the advertizing product;
  •  Selection of the photo-, video materials and multimedia for the designing of advertizing production;
  • Designing of the mock-ups of the different kinds of advertizing 

Qualification: Advertising man 
Time of study

Full-time tuition

  •  on the basis of 9 school years – 3 years 10 months

Correspondence courses 

  •  on the basis of 11 school years - 3 years 10 months

Отделение рекламы, витрина магазина мужской одеждыReview of our students about the specialty:
Skorobogatova Alexandra, group 381 
I’ve chosen the specialty “Advertising and PR”, because I think it’s very interesting, suitable to my nature. We have many interesting lessons that demand creative approach and relation: outlook, painting, composition, chromatics, designing programs of making commercials, booklets and other advertizing production. During the summer open air practice I’ve learned to paint much better. Now I can paint any building without rule. I can use camera, choose better foreshortening. Of course, I’ d like to continue my study, but I think I’ll study on correspondence courses. Actually my specialty is rather useful – even to choose the colour of the wallpaper in my room!  

Отдел рекламы, витрина цветочного бутикаFuture prospects 
College graduates of the specialty “Advertising and PR” is ready to the professional activity as advertising man directed on the making of advertisement with an account of the consumer demand at the enterprises 
Our college graduates will become proficient in:

  • technical carrying out of the original or certain elements of the promotional products’ designing; the creation of the advertising slogans; choice and using instruments, equipments, materials, photo, video and multimedia for the making of a model of the object on the technical level;
  • designing of the promotional products: making of the styling of the advertisement, making of the author’s advertising advertisement; making of the author’s advertising projects; realization of the project; creation of the brand image advertising;
  •  creation of the advertising slogans, house style of the promotional products; making of the sketches of the advertisement’s model;
  • using of the psychological methods of the influence through the form, colour, word combination on spectators; and also using of norm and information literature to choose the best solution of the main formative and finishing agents and details of the attribute of the advertisement.
  • Making of the layouts of the different advertisements using multimedia;
  • Accomplishment of the follow-on for the realization of the advertising idea, making of radio, television and print advertising
  •  Using of the information processing technology for the solution of the professional problems, programs of the advertisement designing and making of the promotional products.