Pedagogical Department

Педагогическая практика в оздоровительном лагере

Teaching on professional educational programs on the pedagogical (teacher training) department’s been holding since 1999.
Students learn on these specialties: 
- «Pedagogy of additional education» (Specialty 050710)
- «Physical Education » (Specialty 050720)

The main lines of activity of our college graduates are PE and sport and additional training in a physical improvement of children:
• Additional education teacher - Organization of tourism; Holding of the physical-educational, health-improving sports events with children and teenagers; Holding of the medico biological control during the trainings and lesson of physical education; Using of different methods of the improving physical qualities and a correction of physical development; Organization of the children’s physical movement. 
• PE teacher with the additional training in coaching - Organization and holding of training; Using different methods of sports measuring; Selection of the methods of the junior sportsmen’s training; Using different training‘s system in different age groups.  
• PE teacher with the additional training in the Health and Safety regulations - First aid in the time of the force majeure ; Education of methods, means of the personal and collective security; Using of requests and rules of keeping fit
Students of pedagogical department can improve there sports skill in the choosing sports during the period of education.

Students also can take part in the different competitions (in college, on the regional, urban levels and etc.) and in the championships of the different levels. Our students are winner of Russian and International championships.  
During the educational process students have different kind of teacher training practice. Pedagogical practice is organized on the base of different educational agencies:
- Preschool institutions and schools
- Sport youth secondary schools
- City’s art houses 

On the pedagogical department students have a practice at 116 educational institutions. During training in summer (“Summer training”) students work as young pioneer leader and PE instructors in the sports health camps in Omsk and Omsk region. 
After finishing college students get a diploma of higher level of professional education.
College graduates of pedagogical department, who assimilate the base program of professional education, could continue education in Siberia State University of Physical Education.

Students of pedagogical department can improve there sports skill on these sports: