Логотип конференции

 The idea of an international conference "Development of leadership skills of students: the experience of partnership between Russia and Great Britain" emerged after the activities involved in the development of leadership among pupils and students become involved more and more educational institutions of the Omsk region. For example, if in 2004, cooperation began with an introduction between two principals of educational institutions in Omsk and three principals of sports colleges in Manchester, but today in this work included 14 educational institutions in our city, and several college sports north-west England. 

We should notice that the partnership in education has a long tradition, as in Russia as in England, especially the relevance of this way of exchange of new ideas to improve the quality of education gets now. Since September 2006 in Omsk, from on the initiative of the Department of Education created the urban community and methodical "Network International project" Development of leadership through physical culture and sports. " This project involved about 20 educational institutions (gymnasia, lyceums, schools, kindergartens, college), each of which ones to innovate on the formation and development among students of key competencies. We consider the activities of the city community as an opportunity to methodological field test the new technology competency training in physical culture and sports, replicating the experience in other educational institutions of the Omsk region, as well as support the initiatives of our educators in their quest to develop leadership skills among their students. In addition, leadership in education involves the creation of conditions for educating young people, in which each student can gain experience of self, a conscious collective activity in almost any subject.

Members and guests share a common vision of the need for change in our education, and the most important of it as we consider is the change of relations "teacher-student" from reproductive and edifying to the partnership and activities relations. At the same time in the first place to assess the quality of learning out practical skills, formed and developed among students in the process of individual and group work with the support of the teacher. Overview of practical experience, presented in articles, speeches and presentations at the conference, we hope, will have a professional interest of all participants and guests. 

In the framework of Russian-British partnership in development of education and culture, the college is actively cooperating with Brookway High School and Sports College, Youth Sport Trust, Preston college, Fearns community sports college